School Spotlight: Tidemill Academy latest in Attendance Hubs approved by DFE

In the ongoing pursuit of fostering regular attendance as a cornerstone of children's education, Tidemill Academy has emerged as a beacon of excellence. Recently approved by the Department for Education (DFE), Tidemill Academy is the latest addition to the prestigious list of Attendance Hubs, taking a pivotal role in supporting and guiding schools across England in boosting their attendance rates.

Attendance Hubs, a government-backed initiative, are led by schools with exceptional attendance records. These hubs serve as platforms for the exchange of practical ideas among primary, secondary, alternative provision, and special schools striving to enhance their attendance.

Improving attendance is not just about meeting targets; it is about laying the foundation for academic success, positively impacting mental health and wellbeing. Evidence consistently shows a positive correlation between higher attendance and academic success across all key stages. Moreover, regular attendance contributes to the mental health and wellbeing of young people, emphasizing the holistic impact of education on the lives of students. 

 Tidemill Academy was identified as an ideal candidate for an Attendance Hub due to its exemplary attendance records and high levels of attainment. As a hub school, Tidemill is tasked with sharing its effective systems, processes, and attendance resources with a group of school leaders facing similar challenges. The hub group, including Tidemill, will convene regularly to discuss strategies, challenges, and successes in the realm of attendance improvement. 

Encouraging a sector-led approach to address high absence is at the core of this initiative. Leveraging the existing expertise within schools and trusts, the aim is to create a collaborative environment where successful practices can be shared, refined, and implemented to tackle attendance challenges. The peer support basis of the hub meetings facilitates an ongoing professional dialogue among school leaders, fostering a community dedicated to overcoming the common obstacle of high absence. 

In the spirit of collaboration and shared expertise, Tidemill Academy and other hub lead schools are driving positive change, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive through consistent and meaningful attendance. 

Celebrating World Children’s Day by highlighting Gold Accreditation at Greenridge Primary Academy

World Children's Day, observed on November 20th, holds a special place in our hearts at REAch2 Academy Trust. Established in 1954 as Universal Children's Day, it aims to promote international togetherness, raise awareness among children worldwide, and improve children's welfare. This significant day also commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989 by the UN General Assembly. Today, as we celebrate World Children's Day, we take pride in highlighting the achievements of one of our Rights Respecting Schools—Greenridge Primary Academy.

Greenridge Primary Academy's Gold Accreditation

Greenridge Primary Academy recently achieved Gold Accreditation as a Rights Respecting School, marking the culmination of a remarkable three-year journey. With 477 pupils on roll, including 18% eligible for Free School Meals, 19.4% with special educational needs, and 28.43% speaking English as an additional language, Greenridge stands as a beacon of inclusivity and excellence.

The Gold Accreditation is not just a recognition; it is a testament to the school's dedication to developing and embedding children's rights across every facet of school life. The assessor found that children's rights are not just a concept at Greenridge; they are the foundation that underpins the school's strong culture of inclusivity and respect. Relationships based on mutual respect and trust are evident, and the positive impact on pupil behaviour is noticeable.

One of the standout features of Greenridge is the strong focus on equity and the deep understanding of its importance. Children confidently discussed a range of rights and their relevance to their lives. The school has successfully instilled in its students the principle of equity, creating a positive learning environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

A photo of three children from Green Ridge Academy playing.

A key aspect of the school's success is its unwavering commitment to the health and wellbeing of its students. Children expressed that they feel safe at school, and the support provided by the school contributes to their overall health. Greenridge not only educates but also nurtures the holistic development of its students.

At Greenridge, children see themselves as global citizens. The school fosters a sense of responsibility by engaging students in conversations linked to news and current events. Pupils are not only informed but are also encouraged and supported to make positive changes, turning their awareness into action.

The pupil community at Greenridge actively participates in decision-making in the school. A robust Pupil Parliament ensures that students have a voice in school improvement initiatives.

"Our teachers listen to our thoughts, and they try to make them come true," shared one pupil. The school has established various leadership positions, such as Head and Deputy Head Pupils, Eco Councillors, and Rights Champions, pupils students to contribute to positive changes across the school.

As we celebrate World Children's Day we applaud the outstanding achievements of Greenridge Primary Academy. Their Gold Accreditation as a Rights Respecting School is a testament to their commitment to creating an inclusive, respectful, and empowering learning environment for all students. Greenridge exemplifies the true spirit of World Children's Day by championing the rights of every child and preparing them to be thoughtful, responsible global citizens.