REAch2 Academy Trust Shines at MATPN Conference

We are thrilled to share the success of REAch2 Academy Trust at the recent MATPN Conference, where our esteemed Chief Executive Officer, Cathie Paine, Chaired and Director of HR, Sue Northend, took part in thought-provoking discussions and showcase sessions.

Cathie Paine shared her insights in a panel discussion focusing on "Prioritising Our People." The conversation explored strategies and initiatives to create an inclusive working environment, emphasising the profound benefits for staff wellbeing and overall performance. Attendees gained valuable insights into transformative effects on staff retention, productivity, and fostering a sense of belonging.

In a second panel discussion, Cathie delved into the challenges of meeting diverse needs in mainstream education. She explored emerging trends, shifting dynamics, and innovative strategies for educational leaders, providing practical solutions to ensure inclusivity and success for all pupils.

A photo of CEO, Cathie Paine on Stage at MAPN

Cathie Paine also shared her expertise in a showcase session, offering invaluable insights on leading a Multi-Academy Trust. Topics included emotional and practical aspects of becoming a MAT leader, efficient diary organization, available resources, effective board management, and mental health and wellbeing preparation. This session provided practical takeaways for current and aspiring MAT leaders.

Sue Northend, our Director of HR, delivered a compelling presentation on "Organisational Change at Scale." She explored the potential of GAG pooling and shared services to optimise resources, improve collaboration, and enhance educational outcomes. Drawing from real-life experience and expert insights, Sue's presentation provided knowledge and strategies to navigate the complexities of change, leverage synergies, and foster a culture of innovation and excellence.

REAch2 Academy Trust continues to lead in educational excellence and inclusivity. The insights and strategies shared by Cathie Paine and Sue Northend at the MATPN Conference have undoubtedly inspired and empowered education leaders, shaping the future of our Trust and the broader educational landscape