Welcoming Aqueduct Primary School into the REAch2 Academy Trust!

REAch2 Academy Trust is delighted to announce the newest addition to our family of schools: Aqueduct Primary Academy in Telford. Effective April 1, 2024, Aqueduct officially became a part of REAch2 Academy Trust, marking a significant milestone in our collective journey of school improvement.

Amid recent challenges, the school's senior leadership team and the DfE, together with the trust, collaboratively concluded that Aqueduct and REAch2 are well-suited for a successful partnership. Together, we are enthusiastic about embarking on a shared mission to elevate the school's provision and enhance the learning experiences for all its children, embodying our Trust's commitment to 'Always aim higher'.

As of 1 April 2024, Aqueduct Primary joins Bushbury Lane, Heath Hayes, Lawley Village, Norton Canes, Silkmore, Veritas and Apley Wood (also joining on 1st April) within Cluster 1.  Gerry Crofts, Deputy Director of Education in Cluster 1 has said, “Our collaboration represents the beginning of a dynamic partnership. Alongside the Senior Leadership Team at the school, we're eager to enhance outcomes and enrich the learning experience for every child at Aqueduct Primary School."

With 60 academies across the UK, boasting an impressive 95% rating of Good or Better, REAch2 brings a wealth of school improvement experience and resources to the partnership. Cathie Paine, CEO of REAch2 Academy Trust, emphasised the Trust's unwavering commitment, “We warmly welcome Aqueduct into our family of schools. Along with the staff and senior leaders, we share a common purpose to elevate Aqueduct Primary Academy to new heights, striving for excellence and ensuring that every child receives a truly great primary education.”

Tammy Lockley, the Headteacher at Aqueduct, has been intricately involved in the conversion process and eagerly anticipates working with schools within Cluster 1 while leveraging additional support from REAch2 Academy Trust. Mrs. Lockley expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “REAch2 have not only shown their commitment to support us in Aqueduct’s journey, but have been welcoming and positive. We are pleased that they share our passion to make every child successful and happy. We are excited to become part of such an accomplished academy trust.”

Welcoming Apley Wood Primary into the REAch2 Academy Trust!

REAch2 Academy Trust proudly announces the addition of Apley Wood Primary Academy, situated in the north of Telford, into our Trust on 1 April 2024. This marks an exciting time for both the Trust and school, indicating a new era of collaboration and shared commitment to exceptional education for the children, dedicated staff, and the wider community. Apley Wood's integration signifies an important milestone at REAch2, being the first academy conversion since Springfield Primary Academy in 2018.

In 2019 REAch2 brought in a 10 cluster model of support, with a Deputy Director of Education responsible for each of clusters. This was to ensure we have the necessary capacity and expertise to sustain and develop excellent performance across our academies. Apley Wood will be joining Bushbury Lane, Heath Hayes, Lawley Village, Norton Canes, Silkmore and Veritas within Cluster 1.

Gerry Crofts, Deputy Director of Education in Cluster 1 has said, "We're delighted to be welcoming Apley Wood Primary Academy into our Trust, their integration has already been warmly embraced by all schools within Cluster 1. We're confident in their strengths, which will undoubtedly enhance the collaborative opportunities in the Cluster and the wider Trust."

CEO of REAch2, Cathie Paine, has been especially pleased with the news following the DfE Advisory Board in November and has said, “We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Apley Wood Primary, embracing them wholeheartedly into our family of schools. This conversion marks a significant step in our Trust's journey of sustained growth, and we're excited about the prospects this brings to Cluster 1 and the Trust as a whole. We look forward to 1 April 2024, and to welcoming the school, staff, children, families, and the wider community into REAch2.”

During the many meetings at the school with the Headteacher and staff, it became evident that Apley Wood's resolute dedication to “a high-quality learning environment and inspirational teaching which develop happy and successful pupils within an inclusive academic culture” resonates harmoniously with the touchstone values of REAch2. This alignment reaffirms our belief that Apley Wood's ethos will seamlessly complement and enrich the fabric of Cluster 1 and our Trust as a whole, further elevating the standard of excellence we strive for across all our schools.

Ellen Smith, the Headteacher at Apley Wood Primary Academy, began her journey as Deputy Headteacher in 2012 and has since evolved into the role of Headteacher, steering the school's success. With expertise in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and a history of collaboration with the Severn Teaching School Alliance, Ellen has extended support beyond Telford, impacting neighbouring Local Authorities. Mrs Smith has said, “I am thrilled to be joining REAch2 and embarking on this exciting new chapter for everyone at Apley Wood Primary. We are looking forward to embracing the opportunity of joining the Trust as it is not just a step forward but a leap towards endless possibilities and collective growth for our children and staff.”