Celebrating Teaching Assistant Appreciation Day 2023

On Friday the 29th September, schools across the United Kingdom unite in celebration for National Teaching Assistants' Day, and why not? Amid the many rewarding roles in education, each playing a crucial part in the growth and development of pupils, one role often stands as the unsung hero - the Teaching Assistant (TA).

The Essential Role of Teaching Assistants

Children thrive in safe, nurturing, and joyful learning environments, and TAs play a pivotal part in creating and maintaining such an atmosphere. They serve as the linchpin in building meaningful and purposeful relationships with pupils, parents, teachers, and fellow staff members. They form an integral part of the team, contributing their skills to help pupils grow, learn, and develop.

Teaching Assistants are instrumental in ensuring that pupils receive the best possible education. Managing a classroom full of eager learners, often numbering up to 30 or more, is a monumental task for any teacher. This responsibility encompasses a wide range of activities, and here is where the Teaching Assistant (TA) emerges as a classroom hero.

Ten Reasons Why Teaching Assistants Are Essential

  • Offering One-on-One Support: Teaching Assistants provide crucial one-on-one sessions, helping children overcome anxieties and challenges, especially in packed classrooms.
  • Access for All: TAs are highly trained in supporting children with disabilities, ensuring that education is accessible to all.
  • An Extra Set of Eyes: TAs provide an extra set of eyes in the classroom, offering valuable support to teachers.
  • Eureka Moments: Teaching Assistants often play a role in those exciting "Eureka" moments when a child grasps a new concept.
  • Reducing Teacher Workload: They ease the teacher's workload, allowing them to focus on effective teaching.
  • Learning Behaviour: TAs help maintain good learning behaviours in the classroom and identify pupils who need extra support.
  • Collaboration with Teachers: TAs and teachers collaborate to identify groups of pupils requiring intervention, ensuring no child is left behind.
  • Friendly and Approachable: They contribute to a warm and comfortable environment in the classroom.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Work: TAs arrive early and stay late, helping with lesson planning, classroom preparation, and various school tasks.
  • Team Teaching: Interactive lessons become engaging when TAs and teachers join forces, making learning exciting and dynamic.
"They are the Mrs Doubtfire table leaping heroes "Help i on the way dear". No matter what the situation is!... The school would simply not function without them" - REAch2 Headteacher.

Our Headteachers Speak: The Value of Teaching Assistants

We reached out to Headteachers across our Trust to understand what Teaching Assistants mean to their schools, and their responses resonate with the immense importance of TAs:

"They are the glue that hold us together" - REAch2 Headteacher
"Our unsung heroes, let's sing about them"
"TAs are the heartbeat of our school." - REAch2 Headteacher

These heartfelt tributes underscore the invaluable contributions of Teaching Assistants in the world of education. They are more than just a face in the classroom; they are mentors, friends, and pillars of support for children, helping to shape their futures.

As we celebrate Teaching Assistant Appreciation Day, let's raise our voices and give three cheers to these unsung heroes:

Hip Hip Hooray!, Hip Hip Hooray!, Hip Hip Hooray!

Their dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment deserve our heartfelt appreciation, not just today but every day.