REAch2 Marks World Teachers’ Day 2021 By Applauding How Their Family Of Schools Adapted To Remote Teaching During The School Closures

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed quite a few things, but for parents perhaps more than anything else it has proved the true value of teachers. Social media platforms were full of eye-opening tweets and hilarious memes expressing just how much teachers were worth.

In all seriousness, however, for teachers, remote learning became an overnight top priority and one that was crucial to get right. Educators across the country were having to learn new ways of teaching that hadn’t been experienced before.

In REAch2, across all 60 of our schools, a variety of online tools were being used but colleagues felt that they could and should be doing more for their children to access high-quality teaching and learning, albeit from the confines of their homes.

Enter Phoenix Software, which delivered bespoke training to enable our schools to develop their remote teaching strategies using a range of remote teaching tools all available on Microsoft teams.

Whilst ‘ confidence in pandemic teaching strategies’ is not something that our teachers would have predicted to be putting on their CVs a few years ago, it is something that they should be hugely proud of. We certainly are.

So to all our teachers, school leaders, the central team staff that supported the development of our remote offer, and to Phoenix software who improved our skills, knowledge, and confidence in remote teaching strategies, a very happy World Teachers’ day to you all.