Springfield Primary Academy Achieves 'Good' Rating Across All Categories earning praise from Ofsted in their first-ever inspection.

In a momentous achievement, Springfield Primary Academy, a proud member of our Reach2 Academy Trust, has received high praise from Ofsted inspectors in its first official inspection. The Birmingham-based school has been rated 'Good' in all categories, marking a significant milestone for the dedicated staff and wonderful pupil and parent community.

Ofsted inspectors commended Springfield Primary Academy for fostering a "kind and caring community," where pupils are not only happy but also actively enjoy attending school. The report highlights the school's commitment to providing an engaging and supportive environment, noting that lessons are interesting, and pupils learn effectively.

A key factor contributing to the school's success has been the leadership of Reach2 Academy Trust. Ofsted recognised Trust leaders' dedication to the school's continued success, emphasising their commitment to ensuring the best for every pupil.

Among the standout features highlighted in the inspection report are:

High Expectations and Ambitious Curriculum: School leaders at Springfield Primary Academy set high expectations and are ambitious for all pupils. The school boasts an ambitious curriculum designed to offer comprehensive support for effective learning.

Teacher Training and Well-Being: Teachers receive necessary training to teach the curriculum effectively, with leaders prioritising staff well-being. The report commends leaders for mindful engagement with staff and a thoughtful approach to addressing any concerns raised.

A photo of the children and staff at Springfield Academy holding a banner with a quote from the recent Ofsted Inspection which states "Springfield Primary Academy provides a kind and caring community. Leaders have high expectations and are ambitious for all pupils."

Early Years Excellence: The school's efforts to ensure the youngest pupils get off to a good start were acknowledged. In-depth knowledge of pupils and careful planning contribute to the success of early years education, ensuring most children can read and write words and simple sentences by the end of Reception.

Promoting Reading: Springfield Primary Academy has prioritised reading, investing in a broad and diverse range of books. Various reading schemes, including 'read ten before you leave each class' and 'pyjama reading days,' aim to instil a love of reading in pupils.

Inclusive Support: The school is praised for swiftly identifying pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Collaborating effectively with external agencies ensures appropriate support is in place, leading to the success and achievement of these students.

Community Engagement: Springfield Primary Academy actively engages with its local community. Pupils participate in fundraising for local and international causes, gaining insights into different cultures and religions, and preparing them well for life in modern Britain.

Parental Satisfaction: Parents express positivity about the quality of education their children receive, echoing the sentiment that pupils are happy at school. The report highlights calm and orderly classrooms where pupils can enjoy focused learning.

Sasha Taylor, the Headteacher at Springfield Primary Academy, expressed delight at the positive feedback, emphasizing the school's dedication to providing a high-quality education. She particularly highlighted the recognition of efforts to establish reading as a priority.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Sasha and her team on the impressive Ofsted report, expressing immense pride in the entire Springfield community for this well-deserved achievement.