Coaching typically offers an opportunity for reflection and the development of greater insight into the individual’s self-awareness, self-management and personnel management skillset.

The developmental and performance coaching approach applied in REAch2 enables bespoke conversations to take place that address the needs and wants of the coachee.

Coaching offers both support and challenge to enable leaders at all levels to navigate their unique context through a dialogue that can evolve many times during a session.

Areas for development and improved performance through coaching can be:

  • Building resilience
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Greater team awareness
  • Increased confidence
  • Managing the mixed feelings of anxiety and urgency
  • Adapting leadership styles
  • Navigating teams and line management in both directions
  • Identifying potential barriers and overcoming known ones

Coaching can be a valuable medium for personal and professional development and performance. Within the confines of a confidential discussion, leaders should be open to being simultaneously challenged and supported in the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Coaching can take place over the academic year. Around 6-8 sessions over a 12-15 month period within a professional setting or a more informal one. However, this is not prescriptive and is adaptable to suit the needs of the individual and their circumstances. Sessions typically last from around 45 minutes to 2 hours.

For those who have had existing coaching relationships within the organisation, ad-hoc meetings can be scheduled as and when the need arises.

Specific individual coaching sessions centering on particular circumstances can also be arranged as the need arises.

Colour Works - Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a personal and team development tool that gives individuals an engaging and transformational insight into themselves and others.

The profiles are used as a means of heightening awareness of professional behavioural habits and tendencies within the working environment. Compiled as a result of individuals completing an online evaluator, they can assist in the coaching process by focusing on particular areas identified as strengths and weaknesses within the profile.

They have proven effective in greatly improving individuals’ understanding of others’ professional perspectives and behavioural responses.

Once completed they can form part of the coaching conversation.

Renewal should take place at approximately 2-year intervals.

Essential ingredients for coaching require a willingness to be open, reflective and honest with the coach and oneself. Coaching can be recommended by line managers such as Directors, Deputy Directors of Education and Headteachers.

Headteachers can arrange coaching for themselves and for their team. It is the usual protocol for anyone in a school to go through their line management structure to arrange coaching.

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