As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we have faced unprecedented demands on schools to deliver new and dramatically different ways of teaching and learning for pupils, particularly those who are unable to attend school.

The Trust Remote Learning Strategy is driven by the importance of professional development and support at all levels, so that both our central teams and school-based staff gain the knowledge, confidence and skills that will help them to deliver remote education effectively. We also want to make sure we are making the most of any existing practice within our schools to build capacity and improve our approach.

Phase 1 of our strategy is focused on ensuing that school staff have the systems, confidence and training needed to deliver the statutory requirements of remote learning effectively.

Phase 2 is focused on deepening this work to really improve the quality of remote teaching and learning. The work to support our schools within this phase is based on principle of gaining an understanding of the experiences of children, families, school staff and other stakeholders and using this information to provide support to our schools.

Β It should be collaborative, relational and evidence-based, within the ultimate goal of ensuring all those within the school community are receiving the best possible support at this time.

The resources on this page are shared openly to provide information to stakeholders as well as support for any other Trusts or schools that might find them useful.

Remote Learning Strategy
Remote Learning Summary
Remote Learning – Training Packages
School Toolkit Capturing the Quality of Remote Learning
Trust Toolkit – Remote Learning QA