Chigwell Primary Academy is basking in the glow of a recent Ofsted report, celebrating the school's unwavering commitment to delivering a good standard of education. The report commends the academy for consistently providing high-quality education, with inspectors noting that "pupils enjoy coming to this school" and proudly showcase their values. 

 Ofsted highlighted the positive atmosphere at Chigwell Primary Academy, emphasising the students' caring nature, strong work ethic, and their enthusiasm for helping others. The report recognizes the effectiveness of REAch2's support, citing ongoing training for staff to ensure they are well-equipped, particularly in subject knowledge. 



Key highlights from the report include the academy's ambitious curriculum designed in collaboration with the Academy Trust, placing a strong emphasis on important knowledge and concepts. Reading is rightfully positioned at the core of the curriculum, with carefully selected texts fostering a love for literature among pupils. 

 The school and Trust's high expectations create a culture where pupils strive to reach their full potential, fostering rapid progress and development. Diversity and respect for differences are celebrated, with students enjoying learning about cultures worldwide and embracing various religions. 

Chigwell Primary Academy excels in providing an excellent start to education, especially in the Reception class, where thoughtful language and play-based learning contribute to vocabulary development. The report commends the school's understanding of how best to support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), ensuring inclusivity in the learning process. 


Leadership at both the school and Trust level is acknowledged for understanding the strengths and areas for improvement, maintaining a manageable workload for staff, and offering effective training. Staff pride in their work is evident, creating a positive and supportive working environment. 

 Elaine Brook, Executive Headteacher at Chigwell Primary Academy, expressed her joy at the Ofsted report, particularly emphasising the school's commitment to placing reading at the heart of the curriculum. Cathie Paine, Chief Executive Officer at REAch2, extended her congratulations to Elaine and the entire team at Chigwell, recognising the positive impact of their work on providing children with the best possible start to their education. 

 Ofsted’s findings stand as a testament to Chigwell Primary Academy's dedication to the Trust’s ‘Great Schools’ strategy and the nurturing of well-rounded, engaged learners - we wholeheartedly congratulate Elaine and her team on the impressive report.