The E-ACT Ideas - Women into Leadership Conference unfolded with a stellar line-up of speakers, among them our very own CEO, Cathie Paine. With a theme centred around inspiration, the event aimed to bring together female leaders and aspiring leaders, exploring the challenges women encounter in their career progression and offering strategies to thrive in leadership roles. 

The conference was tailored to support women aspiring to leadership roles or contemplating their next steps in leadership. It delved into the intricate topic of gender inequality, addressing common themes faced by female leaders. Participants had the opportunity to hear from inspirational women who have paved the way, engage in discussions, and draw motivation and empowerment from shared stories. 

CEO, Cathie Paine with a children in a classroom.

Key Sessions: 

Navigating Imposter Syndrome:

Participants at the E-ACT Ideas - Women into Leadership Conference delved into effective strategies for overcoming self-doubt and embracing their true potential. 

Stepping into Leadership:

Aspiring leaders gained valuable insights into the skills and knowledge required for successful leadership roles, setting the stage for their next career steps. 

Balancing Work and Life:

The conference uncovered practical tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, offering valuable guidance to those pursuing leadership goals. 

Thriving Amid Adversity:

In a session on thriving during unexpected challenges, attendees heard stories and learned strategies to thrive and lead in the face of adversity.  The event provided a platform for three of our exceptional Headteachers to participate and share their insights. 

Cathie Paine Keynote:

Going from class teacher to CEO:  the importance of humility, authenticity, vulnerability, creativity and intentionality.  

In the insightful keynote address by Cathie Paine, participants were taken on her journey from a dedicated class teacher to the CEO of the largest primary-only Multi-Academy Trust in the country, shedding light on the crucial values and personal principles that defined each step along the way. Cathie emphasized the paramount importance of humility, serving as the cornerstone that allows a leader to continuously learn and grow. Authenticity emerged as a guiding principle, steering actions and decisions with genuine sincerity, fostering a sense of trust and connection. The power of vulnerability was underscored, recognising its role in building authentic relationships and creating a culture of openness.

The keynote delved into the dynamic interplay of creativity, showcasing its pivotal role in driving innovation and propelling the organisation forward. Intentionality emerged as the rudder steering the course, ensuring every decision and initiative aligns with a purposeful vision. Cathie Paine's address not only shared personal insights but provided a roadmap for aspiring leaders, emphasizing the multifaceted qualities essential for navigating the intricate path from a classroom teacher to a visionary CEO.