I am delighted to lead REAch2 Academy Trust – a family of primary schools with the mission of providing the best possible education for our children. REAch2 was established in 2012 and has now grown to 60 schools across the country, making us the largest primary-only multi-academy trust in England.

Everyone in REAch2 shares a passion for providing the best possible primary education and supporting every child to reach the highest academic standards. But we don’t just want to focus on how children perform in tests and exams; we want our pupils to enjoy a rich, rewarding, curriculum that focuses on them as individuals, supports them to develop their character and become well-rounded young people who go on to live fulfilled lives.

This is best exemplified through our innovative commitment of 11 before 11: a range of activities designed to inspire and stretch REAch2 children, including camping in a field or a forest; visiting a foreign country; climbing a mountain; learning to play a musical instrument, and performing in a major concert. These can prove to be transformative experiences, as pupils learn more about themselves, their interests, and how they can interact with the world around them.

Of course, this would not be possible without a team of committed and specialist staff. Excellent teaching and school leadership is vital to ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, gets the education they deserve. That’s why we invest heavily in the people who work across REAch2 to ensure they have the tools they need, offering regular training opportunities and continuing professional development to make sure our provision is as effective as possible.

“We all know that an outstanding education has the power to change lives, and our team are totally committed to our mission. I am proud to work with such dedicated professionals who I know will do everything in their power to care for each and every one of our pupils, united behind our common goal – that every school in REAch2 becomes a “great school”.

Cathie Paine, Chief Executive Officer